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CUBEical Segmentation
is a unique segmentation framework predicting customer needs and thereby providing firms with the platform for becoming market leaders by understanding and setting customers' expectations beyond the reach of competition. Based on the three dimensions of customer types, roles and scenes, the competitive arenas of a firm are defined. These arenas (sub-markets) where the interactions with customers take place and where the firm meets its competitors, are easy to understand for everybody in the firm and thus easy to communicate across the organization. The unique features of CUBEical Segmentations are:

The stability of the segmentation overcoming unpredictable segment membership changes;
The recognizable descriptions of customers overcoming the average driven statistical segment descriptions;
The handling of customer complexity through roles and scenes overcoming the unrealistic one-segment-fits-all-occasions problem.

Herewith, CUBEical Segmentation is breaking new ground in customer segmentation by overcoming the shortcomings of current segmentation practices that block the road for customers to become the pivotal focus on the executive agenda of driving profitable revenue growth.

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